NAPIM Officers/Directors and Committees

National Directors

Directors for upcoming class of 2019 elected at Annual Meeting


P. Carlisle (Joules Angstrom)
U. Hirsch (Ink Systems)
J. Leitch (Braden Sutphin)
D. Parisi(American Inks)
C. Murray (Sun Chemical)


J. Koppelman (Gans)
V. DaCosta (HuberGroup)
G. Dahleen (Central Ink)
V. Shah (Toyo Ink)

C. Gawert (Actega)


R.Clendenning (INX)
K. Fenner (Colorcon, NoTox)
A. Torres (Superior)
D. Hiserodt (Siegwerk)

D. Parisi (Flint Group)


Directors elected at Board Meeting at Convention

P. Carney (Ingevity)
J. Jilek (InkSolutions)
T. Ameo (ECKART America Corp)
M. Gerkin Jr. (Kustom Group)
T. Gwizdalski (Resolute Oil)

J. Sargeant (Modern Color)
T. Cox (Lubrizol)
M. Petruch (Sun Chemical, Performance Pigments)

Executive Committee 

Elected at Board Meeting at Convention

Carlisle (Joules Angstrom)
Clendenning (INX)

Parisi (Flint Group)
Leitch (Braden Sutphin)
Koppelman (Gans)


Elected at Board Meeting

 Carlisle (Joules Angstrom) - President
 Leitch (Braden Sutphin) - Vice President
 Gawert (Actega) - Treasurer
 Copeland (NAPIM) - Secretary


NPIRI Board of Directors

Directors appointed by Executive Committee
Officers elected by NPIRI Directors
D. DeLegge (Ink Solutions) - President 
J. Parris (Sun Chemical NA Inks)-Vice President 
R. Balmer (Flint Group)
D. Campbell (BASF Resins)
J. Cichon (INX)
P. Notti (Ink Systems)
L. Fine (Joules Angstrom)
S. Ganesh (Toyo Ink Americas)

J. Napiecek (Colorcon, No-Tox)


Executive Committee
Quarterly Sales Report Committee
Food and Packaging Committee
Printing Ink Committee
Printing Ink Vehicles Committee
Technical Committee
EHS Committee
Environmental Impact Committee


If you are interested in joining any NAPIM Committee please contact George Fuchs