Inks and Biorenewable Content

The Biorenewable Content (BRC) program identifies the use of bio-derived renewable resources in printing ink formulations. BRC program participation requires the submission of information detailing the amount of bioderived component in an individual printing ink formulation. Submissions are reviewed for technical accuracy and completeness by NAPIM. 

Upon approval a company specific registration number is issued. BRC certified formulations are listed on the NAPIM website for verification by the printer. NAPIM also issues distinctive BRC graphics for use by both the ink company and the printer using the BRC certified ink formulations. All formulation/product information submitted under the BRC program is managed confidentially by NAPIM. Only registered product names and BRC indexes are listed on the NAPIM website.

Typical Bio-Derived Ink Materials
BRC Ranges for Ink Types
BRC Certified Inks
BRC Certified Raw Materials