Zero VOC Inks

According to Federal EPA rules, a zero VOC ink or coating is a formulation or substance which exhibits zero weight loss when subjected to an EPA Reference Method 24 analysis. It is important to note that neither the Federal EPA nor any state air quality agency recognizes any substance or formulation with a VOC concentration above zero as zero VOC – there is no deminimis VOC concentration. Accurate reporting of VOC data is essential for compliance with state and federal air quality requirements. It is entirely proper to ask to see the results of a Method 24 test to verify that there is zero change in weight to verify any claim of 0% VOC material. You can also run the test yourself. The test method is listed on the NAPIM website. With all of the emphasis on sustainability and green chemistry, there have been a substantial number of misleading marketing claims. 

The Federal Trade Commission has issued the following two documents:

• Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims

• Complying with the Environmental Marketing Guides

These documents are available from the Federal Trade Commission and the NAPIM office.